Smart Booster pump 



Suitable Applications:


Chemical engineering,conveying for oil products, food, beverage, medicine,paper making,water treatment,environmental protection,some of acid, alkali, salt etc.

Working Parameters:

  • Flow: 2.2-480m3/h

  • Head: 2.8-129m

  • Motor power: 0.12-90kW

  • Speed: 1480r/min or 2960r/min

  • Maximum working pressure: ≤1.6MPa

  • Medium temperature: -10℃~80℃


1. This series corrosive liquid chemical pumps are vertical, the suction and discharge outlets of the pump have the same diameter, and their center lines are on the same horizontal line and orthogonal to the vertical shaft. The impeller is a closed structure. The support of the pump directly rests on the bottom plate integrated with the pump body.

2. This series single stage centrifugal pumps can disassemble the rotor (including the motor) for maintenance without moving the pump body and the inlet and outlet connecting pipes.

3. The split shaft design of this series of pumps fundamentally avoids the damage to the motor shaft caused by corrosion. Thoroughly ensure the stable and reliable long-term operation of the motor.

4. The shaft seals of this series centrifugal pumps use built-in, single-end, unbalanced mechanical seals.

5. The reliable and novel pump shaft structure of this series of pumps can easily choose B5 structure standard motor to directly drive the water pump.

6. The structure of this series circulating chemical pump is very simple and easy to maintain. Once the pump shaft needs to be replaced, it is easy to disassemble and install, and its positioning is accurate and reliable.

7. This series chemical transfer pump shafts and motor shafts are rigidly connected, and the advanced and reasonable processing and assembly technology make the pump shafts have high concentricity, low vibration and low noise.

8. This series of pumps and pumps are integrated and installed vertically. Compared with the horizontal chemical pumps of general structure, it can greatly reduce the area of ​​the unit and save capital investment.

Smart booster pump system that can be controlled and displayed through the application in real time (24hrs.)  For example, flow rate and water pressure in both suction system and after leaving the system and emergency  notification 

Small size and moveable with pumping capacity from 200 to 900 m³/h. 

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