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Kongsanguan Engineering (1993) Co., Ltd.

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Kongsaguan Engineering Co., Ltd was established on year 2536 in UHM Group

The company has been appointed from both local and oversea suppliers to distribute the irrigation products to government and private sectors including  irrigation system, Big gun, Sprinkler, Valve, Filter, Pipe for sport fields golf courses park, and residential.

After providing our products and services. We will provide the best after-sell service for achieving the maximum satisfaction of the customer.

  1. Designing and installing large scale of water distribution systems for both government and private enterprises as well as providing engineering consultancy services by the expert engineering with the new technology to save the energy, time, and resources.

  2. Designing and installing  of water distribution systems for the new Modern Farming. We are also the distributor of "BERMAD" irrigation valve from Israel

  3. We are the distributor of Pumping station and valve from USA, Australia, Europe

  4. We are the distributor of HUNTER® Irrigation from USA

  5. We are the distributor of PVC pipe and all the accessory 

Authorized Distributor Certification

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