Smart Booster pump 



Suitable Applications:


D Horizontal Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump, MD wear-resistant multi-stage centrifugal pump for coal mine and DF Corrosion-Resistant Multistage Centrifugal Pump. Because of using advanced technology and design, D/MD/DF have many advantages. They can be used in many different applications.

Working Parameters:

  • Rotating speed: 2960r/min

  • Flow: 3.75-1200 m3/h

  • Head: 50-1550m

  • Liquid temperature: 0-80℃

Advantages of D/MD/DF:

CFD flow field analysis technology optimization design brings high efficiency

The static seal between the suction section, the middle section and the discharge section of the pump adopts metal seal and "O" ring double seal, and the pump shaft seal adopts high-performance ramie packing or mechanical seal, safe and reliable.

Many different types of pumps can be chosen. They are suitable for most cases.

The rotor adopts two balance processes, static and dynamic, and the beating of the rotor is strictly controlled, the pump operates stably and the vibration is small.

The shaft is made of high-quality carbon steel, alloy steel or stainless steel through multiple heat treatment processes, with high rigidity and good stability.

Adopting a unique shaft shoulder positioning structure, the impeller positioning is more reliable, and the operation is safer.

The suction section and discharge section of the pump adopt high-quality castings or forgings, which ensure the reliability of product operation while ensuring hydraulic efficiency.

Smart booster pump system that can be controlled and displayed through the application in real time (24hrs.)  For example, flow rate and water pressure in both suction system and after leaving the system and emergency  notification 

Small size and moveable with pumping capacity from 200 to 900 m³/h. 

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