Smart Booster pump 



Suitable Applications:


Model KQL are Direct-coupled in-line single stage vertical centrifugal pumps. They are mainly used for the air-conditioning and heating system. The unique structure designing gives it the advantages of high reliability and high efficiency.

Working Parameters:

  • Flow: 8-1400m3/h

  • Head: Max 127m

  • Liquid Temperature: -10 ~80℃ 80~120℃

  • Ambient temperature typically: ≤40℃

  • Rotating speed: 980, 1480 and 2960r/min

  • If you have any special needs: please do not hesitate contact our company.

Smart booster pump system that can be controlled and displayed through the application in real time (24hrs.)  For example, flow rate and water pressure in both suction system and after leaving the system and emergency  notification 

Small size and moveable with pumping capacity from 200 to 900 m³/h. 

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