Smart Booster pump 



Suitable Applications:


WL series of small vertical sewage pumps are mainly used in municipal engineering, building construction, industrial sewage and sewage treatment. They can be used to discharge sewage, wastewater, rainwater and urban sewage containing solid particles and various long fibers.

Working Parameters:

  • Flow: 10-4500m3/h

  • Head: Up to 54m 3. Liquid Temperature <80ºC,

  • Liquid Density: ≤1 050 kg/m3

  • PH Value: 5~9

  • The liquid level should not be lower than the: “ ▽ ” symbol shown in the installation dimension diagram.

  • Pump can not use to handle the liquid with strong corrosion or solid particies.:

  • The diameter of the solids in the liquid is not more than 80% of the minimum flow channel size of the pump: The firber length of liquid should smaller than pump discharge diameter.


Smart booster pump system that can be controlled and displayed through the application in real time (24hrs.)  For example, flow rate and water pressure in both suction system and after leaving the system and emergency  notification 

Small size and moveable with pumping capacity from 200 to 900 m³/h. 

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