Swing Joint

flexible joint

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Swing Joint VERDURE brand is made from Polypropylene-Random Copolymer Resin (PP-R), a plastic with high molecular weight (high molecular weight), resulting in various physical properties. Including the value of environmental durability (ESCR: Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance) is high as well and can test temperatures up to 80oC with a long service life. Permanently free from rust formation Pipes and couplings are manufactured at the same factory in accordance with DIN8077 / 8078 and the production facility is ISO 9001: 2000 certified.


  • Made from Polypropylene-Random Copolymer Resin

  • Can withstand high pressure 10 bars (Pressure Rating 10 Bars).

  • High Impact Resistance

  • The joint is Slym Lock (The joining of the slym Lock Fitting System).

  • The joints can be rotated around an unlimited number of turns.

  • Use for spray sprinklers and rotors (For use with sprays or rotors sprinkler)

  • Long service life