Back-flow filter purge valve

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The BERMAD Model IR-350-P is a compact 3-port valve, in a T configuration. It is double chambered,
hydraulically operated, and diaphragm actuated. Designed for automatic backwashing of filtration systems,
the BERMAD Model IR-350-P is available in Angle flow (A) and Straight flow (S) configurations.

How to work

  • Line Pressure Driven

  • Double Chambered Design
    ❏ Wide application range
    ❏ Requires low actuation pressure
    ❏ Protected diaphragm

  • Dynamic Sealing
    ❏ Seals at very low pressure
    ❏ Prevents seal friction and erosion

  • Engineered Plastic Valve Design
    ❏ Highly durable, chemical and cavitation resistant

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