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Flow rate: 2.0, 4.0, 8.0,15.0 l/h.

  • Unused ports may be closed using vinyl emitter caps

  • Pressure-compensating

  • Perfect for mixed plantings or series of shrubs

  • Flows are color-coded to match other Hunter emitters

Multi 1.png

Model: MPE-05

Flow: 2.0 (ล/ชม.)

Multi 2.png

Model: MPE-10

Flow: 4.0 (ล/ชม.)

Multi 3.png

Model: MPE-20

Flow 8.0 (l/hr)

Multi 4.png

Model: MPE-40

Flow: 15.0 (l/hr)

Multi 5.png

Multi-Port Manifold

Model: (MPM-050) 

Multi 6.png

Emitter Caps

Model: (MPE-CAPS)

Multi - Table.png