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Flow rate: 1.4,2.2,3.8 l/hr.

Watering: shrub rows, gardens, large trees.

  • Pressure-compensating emitters

  • Flow rates of 1.4, 2.2, 3.8 l/hr

  • Emitter spacing at 30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm

  • Strong UV resistance

  • Check valves keep the line charged up to 1.5m  and prevent low-point drainage (HDL-CV only)

  • Emitter inlet filtration to prevent clogging

PLD 17mm Application Rates

PLD - Table 1.png
PLD - Table 2.png
PLD - Table 3.png

Note:  Application rates in mm per hour

PLD - Table 4.png
PLD - Table 5.png
PLD - Table 6.png