Number of Stations : 1 - 54

Type : Port Decoder

  • Up to 54-station capacity, plus master valve

  • No special wire or connectors required

  • Two-wire decoder system for HCC and ICC2 controllers

  • Allows hybrid operations of conventional and decoder stations (54 total stations max per controller)

  • Programmable decoders with no serial numbers

  • Wire paths possible for over 3,000'

  • No special grounding or surge arrestors required in-line

  • EZ-1 single-station decoders have status LED for positive diagnostics

  • P/MV can be activated by decoder or direct controller output

EZDS 1.png
EZDS 2.png
EZDS 3.png

wall mounted iron

iron stand

outdoor plastic

Decoder Output Module

EZDS 4.png
EZDS 5.png

Single-Station Decoder