DUAL® for I-Core

I-Core 1.png
I-Core 2.png

Number of Stations : 1 - 48

Type : Port Decoder

outdoor plastic

wall mounted iron

  • Two-wire decoder system for I-Core controllers

  • Decoder station sizes available: 1, 2

I-Core 3.1.png
  • Field programmable decoders (no serial numbers to enter)

I-Core 3.2.png
  • DUAL-S external surge arresters

  • Decoder module displays decoder operation and diagnostic information

  • Number of 2-wire paths: 3

  • Solenoid finder feature assists in locating valves in the field.

plastic stand

iron stand

Dual 1.png

Dual decoders

and surge arrestor

I-Core 5.png

Dual decoder module

Dual 2.png
I-Core 6.png
I-Core 7.png