AQ - 30BPC 

Overhead part-circle sprinkler with 1” BSP/NPT male threaded connection and 23o trajectory angle. Body and arm made of bronze for durability. Designed for full field irrigation of field crops.


Size : 1" Inch                                               Durable Bronze body, Arm and part circle parts. 

Nozzle Size  : 8.73x3.17 mm.                         PU thurst pad for impact wear resistance.


Recommended Pressure(Bar)  : 2.5 - 5.0        Stainless Steel Pivot Pin, part circle changing pin.

Radius(M.) : 17.70 - 20.90                              Recommended spacing up to 21m for higher

                                                                   distribution uniformity.

Discharge Rate(L/Min) : 78.80 - 109.60                 

                                                                   Heavy duty Brass Nut, Tube, nozzles and 

Trajectory Angle : 23                                    spreader arm..

HT-20pc 1.png