AQ - 20PC 

Overhead part-circle sprinkler with 3/4" BSP/NPT male threaded connection and 25o trajectory angle. Body and arm made of bronze for durability. Primarily used in irrigation by overhead irrigation solid set systems – portable or permanent.


3/4" BSP/NPT male threaded                        Durable Bronze body and arm,  

Size  : 4.76x3.17 mm.                                    Heavy duty Brass Nut & Tube.


Recommended Pressure : 2.5 - 4.0  Bar          Bearing & Sealing washers are made of material                                                                                     for extending life.

Radius(M.) : 14.90 - 16.40

                                                                   Diffusor screw to change the water jet from

Discharge Rate(L/Min) : 28.80 - 42.2              heavy droplets to fine spray (HT-20PC)..


Trajectory Angle: 25                                     Adjustable deflector plate to change the spray

                                                                   height for adjusting throw (HT-20PC-ASDA)..

HT-20pc 1.png