Smart Booster pump 




The new smart booster pump system (Booster Pump) to increase the pressure and volume of water in the water system. The new technology that can be read and controlled through the application system anywhere, 24 hours a day and The Booster pump has an AI system to calculate and adjust the pump operation at any time for improving the efficiency of water allocation and more energy saving, for example, industrial estates, factories, condominiums, etc. 

Smart booster pump system that can be controlled and displayed through the application in real time (24hrs.)  For example, flow rate and water pressure in both suction system and after leaving the system and emergency  notification 

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Small size and moveable with pumping capacity from 200 to 900 m³/h. 

The system collect all the data and show the data visualization  as a report in a intelligible format and user friendy for using the data to analyze or further develop the system. For example flow rate , water pressure and energy using

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